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​The Pilates Method

Created during World War I, and called "Contrology" by it's creator, Joseph Pilates, the Pilates Method has proven to be an effective form of exercise for people of all abilities, from elite athletes to the injured and those recovering from illness. Based on 6 principles - Breath, Control, Centering, Flow, Concentration, and Precision, it trains the body to move from the deepest layer of core muscles on out. It is low-impact and efficient. No other form of exercise simultaneously strengthens and stretches the body the way the Pilates Method does. The results are a more coordinated, toned, flexible, and healthy body, with happy joints!


GYROKINESIS ® is  a method of exercise that focuses on whole body movement, and specifically, spinal mobility. It was created by  former dancer, Juliu Horvath, after suffering an injury that ended his dance career. Using influences from yoga and dance, his method incorporates rhythmic, flowing movement sequences combined with specific breathing patterns to help to increase range of motion, stimulate the nervous system, and bring the body into balance. 

It can be gentle but quite challenging at the same time. 

The work is done sitting on a stool or chair, lying down, and standing. 

In-person Class Schedule

Multnomah Athletic Club, SW Portland
Wednesdays 8:00 AM
*Members Only

Multnomah Athletic Club

Wednesdays 11:00 AM
*Members Only


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