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The Studio
The Studio
Sarah Laks Studio is located in SE Portland, Oregon where Sarah teaches private and small group sessions in person and virtually on Zoom. 
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About Sarah
Sarah has been teaching Pilates since 2000. She holds certifications from The Ellie Herman Studio, Balanced Body, and the Physical Mind Institute. She also holds multiple certifications in The GYROTONIC® Method of Exercise, which she's been teaching since 2008.

She has taught up and down the West Coast of the US, mainly in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Portland. Her clients have ranged from those recovering from injuries, the elderly, elite athletes, and people who just want to stay fit and healthy. Aside from her work in boutique studios, university health clubs, chiropractic and physical therapy offices, Sarah spent 6 years as the Pilates Manager of Equinox Beverly Hills, and a total of 9 years as the top producer in that studio. She was named the Sports Club LA's Trainer of the Year for the Beverly Hills Club in 2011, and one of the top instructors in the Equinox Family in 2018. 

Sarah believes that to live a balanced life, one must learn to be in one's body, and that exercise should be challenging but not painful or stressful to the joints. She teaches sessions based on this very important principle and by melding her knowledge of Pilates, GYROTONIC®, dance, and other disciplines she has studied to find just the right balance of movements to help every body. 
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