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One-on-one virtual Pilates Mat



Exercise in the privacy of your home without any equipment!


Both methods help bring your body into balance. Do Pilates for stability and core strength, and GYROKINESIS® for opening up the joints and increasing range of motion. Both methods  are challenging but gentle on the joints, and the session will be just for you! I'll customize a work-out based on your needs each time. You'll need a mat or comfy carpet, a stool or chair, and clothing you can move in. Bring any props you have but none are necessary. I offer both 30 minute and 55 minute one-on-one sessions, and all are done through Zoom.

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Virtual / In-person Group Pilates, GYROKINESIS®, and Barre Classes

Exercise from the comfort of your own home through ZOOM or in-person at Sarah's studio or around Portland at several other locations. 


Pilates mat class will take you through a series of exercises to strengthen and stretch your whole body! I always provide modifications and alternative ways of doing each exercise to accommodate each student in class. 


For the Pilates classes with small props, you will need just that - usually a small ball, some light weights, and possibly a stretch band for alternative resistance work.

Pilates Fusion is a mat class with influences from other methods of exercise, like yoga, dance, and GYROKINESIS ®.


In the GYROKINESIS ® class, you will need a mat, and a small stool/chair for the seated work. Expect to move your whole body in a rhythmic, but gentle manner to help stimulate the nervous system and unblock stagnation. It is a truly invigorating way to move and strengthen multiple systems in the body.


Barre fusion is a half/half mix of standing / toning work, and Pilates mat work. You’ll need something to hold onto for some of the standing work, like a chair or countertop, and occasionally we use light weights for the arms. Just like my other classes, the whole body is addressed to bring strength, stability, balance, and flexibility to your body.

Current Virtual Group Classes:


No Virtual Classes

Scheduled at this time

Current In-person Classes:

Wednesdays 8:00 am (PST)
Multnomah Athletic Club, Portland

*members only

Wednesdays 11:00 am (PST)
Multnomah Athletic Club

*members only


Pilates Equipment Session

Virtual or in-person one-on-one instruction on your own equipment or mine.

If you are lucky enough to have your own piece of Pilates equipment, whether it's a reformer, a chair, tower, etc, I will guide you through a workout so you can reap the benefits of the resistance and assistance it provides. If you don't have equipment, you an come to my SE studio.  One-on-one equipment sessions are 30 or 55 minutes in length. 

GYROTONIC® Equipment Session

Virtual or in-person GYROTONIC® sessions on your own equipment or at a local GYROTONIC ® studio here in Portland!


Increase your spinal mobility, your neuro-muscular intelligence, and just feel really amazing by unblocking stagnation in the joints, especially in the spine. Unlock all that tension using this specialized GYROTONIC® equipment.

I am currently certified in the GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower, the GYROTONER®, and the Jumping Stretching Board.

One-on-one equipment sessions are 30 or 55 minutes in length. 

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